3,000 police officers begin annual campaign against fireworks

The security ministry is sending 3,000 police officers out to keep an eye on stores that might be selling illegal fireworks.

The basic rule in Costa Rica is if it explodes, it is illegal. Notwithstanding that, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is a junior version of shock and awe with thousands of rockets lighting the sky.

The Fuerza Pública mainly is interested in keeping children safe.  So Mario Zamora Cordero, the minister of Gobernación,
Policía y Seguridad Pública, said that even 20 mounted police officers will be among those checking on the possible fireworks, presumably at parks and open spaces.

Juan José Andrade Morales, the director general of the police force, called upon parents to protect their children.

The police continue to find shipments of explosive fireworks coming into the country from Panamá and Nicaragua. However, there also are local manufacturers. There are stiff prison terms on the books for selling fireworks and for selling fireworks to minors, but there are seldom any arrests. The effort to eliminate fireworks is an annual campaign.

The police have been successful in reducing the number of youngsters injured during the holiday season.

They have worked with the Hospital del Niños, where most serious injured children go.

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