Banco Nacional says update can be done online

Today is supposed to be the last weekday to update bank accounts.

Banco Nacional said that its customers can do so via the Web page as well as visiting a bank branch.

However, Banco Nacional said that it did not contemplate massive closings of accounts. The bank only was making efforts to get the greatest amount of information from its clients, it said.

Closing an account, the bank said, would depend on the amount and nature of the transactions. A large number of unjustified transactions might lead to the end of the banking relationship, it said.

The nation’s banking association issued a belated press release this week about the deadline. The project is based on the know-your-customer rule to reduce money laundering.

The bank also pointed out that it does not seek info such as credit card numbers and other data through the Internet or by telephone calls. The bank appears to anticipate that crooks will take advantage of the updating process to contact customers.

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