Biodigester in Atenas shows how to reduce electric bills

A biodigester was the star attraction when the Universidad Técnica Nacional in Atenas showed 39 visitors how the gas produced by the device can be used for heating and other ways to reduce the utility bill.

Fundación Red de Energía organized the event with support form the Programa de Recursos Digitales para el Desarrollo Económico Sostenible  and the Dutch Fundación HIVOS.

The biodigester, an 85-cubic meter bag, takes the waste from some 90 milk cows and converts the material into methane gas for cooking and heating. The firm Viogaz installed the system. The device is about 3,000 cubic feet.

The emphasis was on the applications in rural areas where there is a sufficient amount of material for the biodigester.

Runoff from cows is a big pollution problem, and one of the goals of the project is to eliminate that, said Diego Argüello, director of extension for the school.

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