Child advocacy group to study private school bias

A child advocacy organization plans to begin a campaign next year against discrimination children face when they are not accepted into elite private schools.

The organization is Defensa de Niñas y Niños Internacional Costa Rica, and the executive president, Virginia Murillo Herrera, outlined the project in a bulletin.

Every child, regardless of social or economic condition or deportment problems or learning or some type of disability should have a quality education, it added.

In an essay in the bulletin Ms. Murillo said that she and her organization have been observing year after year complaints about the arbitrary discrimination of private elementary and high schools that deprive students of the right of admission.

She said that the top schools were geared to select students and that students who were challenged and had to work many times as hard as their peers were not rewarded.  She attributed to some of the dropout problem to this factor.

She said that dropping out also was caused by a school requiring a student to repeat a year or because the student had to travel long distances to attend class.

She cited a U.N. convention that supported her call for equality in education.

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