Country gives its support for Bali trade deal

The nation’s commerce minister urged countries represented at a trade conference to seal an agreement that also covers agriculture and development.

The minster, Anabel González, used her turn to speak to the world trade conference in Indonesia to support the so-called Package of Bali. She said that the nations have a chance to solidify the first multilateral accord since the creation of the World Trade Organization.

The commerce ministers are tying to resurrect some aspects of the Doha Round negotiations.

She said that the proposals would be valuable for big and small nations, for development and for the world economy.

For Costa Rica the agreement would mean simplification and optimization of the procedures for international commerce, said the ministry later.

Costa Rica joined a number of other countries in promoting reform of fishing subsidies that distort the market and overexploit marine life, the ministry said.

Ms. González also met with several Asian nations and representatives of Chile to discuss mutual topics.

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