December turning out to be a month of violent deaths

The 105 violent deaths so far this month are a December record, according to Cruz Roja data.

Since 2008 there has not been this many deaths in the last month of the year.

Traffic mishaps led the totals with 37 persons dead at the scene and 155 hospitalized. Firearms, knives and sharp instruments killed 24 persons and left 69 hospitalized.

The Cruz Roja figures only count those dead at the scene. Someone who dies later in a hospital is not included in the rescue agency’s totals but do show up in that maintained by the Judicial Investigating Organization.

More deaths are likely today and tonight as the year ends.

The Cruz Roja also said that 10 persons died this month in water accidents. In addition there are 15 deaths for which a cause has not been attributed.

The lowest number of recent December deaths, 74, was in 2010, the Cruz Roja statistics said.

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