Drawing Friday will name World Cup opponent

The world soccer association will go ahead with its controversial decision to stage World Cup matches at midday in tropical venues, the organization’s president said Tuesday, as the governing body announced a bafflingly complex procedure for Friday’s drawing to pair up teams.

Sepp Blatter, is the president and the organization is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, which sponsors the World Cup soccer tournament.

Costa Rica is in what is being called Pot 3 along with Japan, Iran, South Korea, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Honduras. These teams will be paired up for the first-round competition. Fans here will be watching the drawing intently.

Pot 1 features the top seeds: Brazil, the host nation, alongside Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.

Not only does the drawing determine the competing team but it also determines where the match will be played.

General Secretary Jerome Valcke caused general bewilderment among listeners Tuesday as he tried to explain the workings of the draw.

“It’s not easy to understand it the first time, I agree with you,” he said as the confusion became clear. “It took me some time to be sure I had the right explanation.”

A team’s place in the draw will determine how much traveling around the vast hinterland of Brazil, the world’s fifth largest country by area, will be involved, and may therefore not be as beneficial as in the past.

Some teams will play in the intense heat of the northeastern cities Fortaleza, Natal, Salvador or Recife. Kickoff times could also pose a threat to a team’s chances, depending on whether they play in the humid north or the chilly south.

Brazil kicks off  June 12 in Sao Paulo.

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