Fire fighters unveil monument to dead colleagues

There have been 12 fire fighters killed on the job in Costa Rica since 1947, and their colleagues honored them Thursday by unveiling a monument.

Three pieces of fabric coverings were pulled upwards simultaneously to display the monument. The Cuerpo de Bomberos used the crane-like ladder and platform of a snorkel truck to pull the fabric off the monument. The unveiling was accompanied by flames and smoke.

The monument shows a bronze fire fighter on the job with the nozzle of a hose in his hands. The bulk of the monument is of concrete.

The location is at the Academia Nacional de Bomberos in Desamparados.

The sculpture is the work of Edgar Zúñiga Jiménez.

This happens to be the Semana del Bombero, which is why the ceremony was held Thursday.

The 12 firefighters died from multiple causes, including traffic accidents on the way to an emergency, flooding, structural blazes and forest fires. Families of the dead firemen were invited to the unveiling.

Four of those who died were paid fire fighters. Eight were volunteers, said the Cuerpo de Bomberos.

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