Five detained as members of mall store shoplifting ring

Judicial police said they have detained three women and two men as suspects in a shoplifting ring that took up to $20,000 in clothing, cell telephones and electronic equipment from mall stores in Heredia, Cartago and San José.

The thefts were said to have taken place from January through November. Agents confiscated a number of items in raids they made at six locations Tuesday morning. They said some of the items still had price tags and security devices attached.

The shoplifting operated in the usual way with some individuals distracting employees while others took items. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that it appears that some items that had security devices attached were put in bags lined with aluminum so that sensors at the door were not activated.

The raids were in Desamparados, San Sebastián, Alajuelita and Tibas.

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