Flamingo residents brace for another New Year’s bash

Flamingo residents who oppose a six-day New Year’s bash in the Pacific coast town had a victory this week.

Municipal officials in Santa Cruz said that an open container law would be enforced for the event, a resident reported.

That means there probably will be fewer participants in the music and drinking event.

The event begins with what is being called a warmup Dec. 27. The location is the eating and drinking spot  called Amberes. Most of the crowd remains in the streets or on the beach.

A principal objection of the residents is the influx of revelers who crowd the streets and generally make traffic impossible. There are a limited number of streets in Flamingo.

In previous years the crowd may have numbers as much as 8,000.

The celebration was more sedate last year with an open-container prohibition being in effect. That is why residents did not want the municipality to budge on this issue.

Another objection is the noise.

Amberes is promoting the event with a Facebook page.

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