Guanacaste artist believes in bold colors, subjects from nature

Growing up in the beautiful province of Guanacaste, the sights and colors filled Costa Rican artist Carmen Silva with a sense of wonder.  Surrounded by so many facets of nature, her passion to capture her emotions on canvas was the inspiration to develop her artistic flair.

Her ability to do this is demonstrated by a show that begins Saturday in her home province.

“Though most of my family’s talents lies in their voices and music abilities,” Ms. Silva said, “strangely, for me, I needed a more physical outlet and have always been drawn to the visual arts.  Colors of nature consume me: feathers of birds, colors of plants and other fauna.”

She said she recalled as a child traveling to San José to visit the museums and was fortunate to experience Madrid and Paris where she was captivated by the Museo del Prado and the Louvre.” It was fascinating to see the original Van Gogh’s and paintings of the Impressionists,” she said

After raising her children, Ms. Silva decided to explore her creative talent and began taking private lessons from Costa Rican artists such as Jim Theologos, Gilberto Aquino Pérez and Hernán Pérez Pérez.

“Learning from these artists has been a magical experience and instrumental in learning various techniques to help me find my own path to celebrate my joy of life,” said the artist.

“Silva transports the viewer into a world full of life by starting with a blank canvas, combining nature and her imagination with interlaced brushstrokes, textures, and magical colors,” said Aquino.

Having participated in over 10 individual exhibits and 23 collective exhibits, Ms. Silva’s newest exhibit, “Luz y  Color,” premieres at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The gallery is located five kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber airport.  More information is available  by email HERE, by telephone to 2667-0592 or 8386-6872 or the galley Web site HERE!


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