Long holiday is planned for government workers

Most government offices will be closed at the end of business Friday for two weeks. They will reopen Monday, Jan. 6.

The lengthy holiday comes because Christmas and New Year’s Day are on Wednesdays.

The judicial will be off the same period, but says that it will close Dec. 23, next Monday, to Jan. 3. Of  course, the announcement does not count the fact that Dec. 21 and 22 make up a weekend and that the same is true from Jan. 4 and 5.

Just because the offices are open this week does not mean that routine work will be accomplished. There are the obligatory office parties and the office parties of the agency across the street.

Vital services will be maintained during the holiday break. Certain courts will be available for cases. Among these are the family courts which will issue temporary restrictions in the case of domestic violence.

Most private businesses will not close until Dec. 23 or 24, and they will reopen Jan. 2. Private employers are not as generous as the government.

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