Major newspaper tells why U.S. citizens become expats

The authoritative Christian Science Monitor has published aglowing report with a video on U.S. citizens moving to Latin America. The emphasis was on countries where Americans had been hesitant to go, such as Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras.

The 3,265-word article gave case studies of satisfied expats with just one case of a woman who was being forced to return home from rural Honduras by finances and crime.

The news article mentions nothing about the legalities of moving to another country, such as the need for residency. And it suggests that learning Spanish is optional.

‘Many Americans have settled in areas with large expat communities or ones that cater to outsiders, and they can get along without learning Spanish, said staff writer Daniel B. Wood.

Still the article does include Costa Rica as one of the prime locations for retirees. It also noted that the number of Social Security checks sent to Costa Rica has jumped 32 percent from 2005 to this year.

The article calls Latin America the new sun belt, a reference to what some of the U.S. southwestern states have been called because they are meccas for retirees.

The article correctly outlines the reason for retirees considering Latin America: The economic impact in the last few years on the finances of those approaching retirement age.

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