Minister pushes for approval to let U.S. anti-drug boats dock

The security ministry is trying to obtain legislative approval for U.S. anti-drug boats to dock in the country after Dec. 31.

The current permission is up on that date.

Mario Zamora Cordero, minister of Gobernación, Policia y Seguridad Pública, said Wednesday that he has sent formal notes to lawmakers asking them to pass the appropriate approvals before they adjourn Dec. 23. Lawmakers plan to be on vacation until Feb. 4, following the general elections.

The Costa Rican Constitution requires legislative approval for the docking of foreign warships. A faction in the Asamblea Legislativa usually rejects approval for U.S. Navy ships and grudgingly gives approval for U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

The arrival of a U.S. ship is a boon for merchants in the country’s ports, plus the crafts usually have to put on more petroleum fuel.

Zamora noted that the U.S. vessels operate in Costa Rica’s exclusive economic zone and chase drug smugglers into the hands of officers of the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas.

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