New development will give Santa Ana a downtown

Santa Ana will be getting a downtown.

The rapidly growing community west of San José was once a sleepy agricultural center. But in the last 10 years it has become a trendy place for the well off and for luxury homes.

A development company, Rocca S.A., is taking the trend one step further in creating what is being called City Place. The location is between the Cruz Roja building in Santa Ana and the Ruta 27 Caldera highway opposite the new Mas x Menos supermarket.

The company said it is developing a mixed-use project that will go up in three stages. The town center concept “includes several complementary applications that integrate with each other to stimulate commercial success. Among the various uses, City Place includes shops, restaurants, cinema, offices, services, nursery, gym, business center, hotel rooms and residences, all these integrated under an urban master plan through a modern and contemporary architecture.”

The design is by Kirebe S.A.  Rocca developed  the Fuerte Ventura Shopping Center and the Wyndham Garden Hotel.

The unique feature of this project is a boulevard that is in the first stage. This will be a tree-lined roadway 30 meters wide by 150 meters long that will terminate near the greenery along the Río Uruca. The sidewalks will be five meters wide, the firm said. A meters is a bit more than 39 inches.

The development firm says it expects businesses located along the boulevard will take advantage of the sidewalks to have open-air activities. Some weekends the street will be closed to traffic to provide a venue for dances, fairs and concerts, the firm said.

The first stage is two buildings, one four stories and the other six. These will contain commercial and office space, a gym, a movie theater and basement parking. Housing is planned for the third stage.

The entire project is 30,000 square meters (323,000 square feet) of office space, 12,500 square meters (134,500 square feet) of shops, bars and restaurants, a hotel, a total of five movie theaters, a bank, pharmacy and other retail enterprises, said the firm.

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