Next year holds a host of three-day weekends

The year that begins in just two days is a real winner for workers.

Nearly all the major Costa Rica holidays fall on a Friday, which means there will be many three-day weekends. This is good for many workers and also for local tourism.

And International Labor Day, May 1, falls on a Thursday, and that promises a four-day weekend with a little maneuvering.

Here are the other legal holidays that promise long weekends:

Dia de Juan Santamaria
Friday, April 11

Anexión del Partido de Nicoya
Friday, July 25

Día de la Virgen de Los Ángeles
Friday, Aug. 1

Día de Madre
Friday, Aug. 15

Día de las Culturas
Friday, Oct. 10

And the above does not count Semana Santa 2014 that contained two holidays, Holy Thursday, April 17, and Good Friday, April 18. Many workers are off for a full week then anyway.

And the Día de la Independencia, Sept. 14, falls on a Monday, figure another three-day weekend.

Also, Christmas, falls on a Thursday, but everyone has a week off then, too.

And readers in the United States will have a three-day weekend for Independence Day because July 4 also falls on a Friday.

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