Osa firm distributing device to get foreign TV

For those Gringos and expats who miss watching TV such as the upcoming Winter Olympics from their homeland, a Canadian hi-tech company has invented a low-cost solution for this problem called SurfEasy. Even a first-time computer neophyte can use it to defeat geographic restrictions, the firm said.

Retailing at $70 plus shipping for a multi-year license, it’s a USB stick that attaches to a computer or laptop through a USB port.  Once plugged in and online, the stick allows a user to browse the Web safely with bank level encryption to keep both browsing history and passwords safe even at public internet  cafés.

SurfEasy allows a user to log on through its servers in either the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Singapore and, shortly, Canada.  By choosing the U.S. server, a user can access all the programs aired by ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS by logging onto their Web sites.

For the United Kingdom, a user can access all the BBC TV, ITV and Channel 4 programs by logging on to their Web sites.

Without a SurfEasy stick a television fan would get a computer notice saying “Sorry, because you are not in the USA  (or UK) we are unable to stream the programs to you because of Geo-blocking.”

By using SurfEasy, geographical blocking will not occur because the broadcaster’s server thinks the computer is in its own territory.

A local Osa company called Brules Distribution has acquired the exclusive rights to sell the SurfEasy in Costa Rica, and its email address is Surfeasycostarica@gmail.com

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