Osa museum of spheres to be inaugurated Saturday

The country’s newest museum will be inaugurated Saturday at famous Finca 6 near Palmar Sur.

This is the museum that displays those stone spheres that are the hallmark of Costa Rican archeology. The facility is expected to give a boost to tourism in the southern Pacific coast.

Casa Presidencial said that President Laura Chinchilla would attend the event at 10 a.m. in the canton of Osa.

The new museum structure is a building of some 300 square meters, about 3,230 square feet. But the real goodies may be outside. The finca has some of the pre-Columbian spheres still in the place where they were erected originally. The outdoor part of the museum features the only two alignments of spheres in their original location. There are two rows of three partly buried.

Who actually did that is not known for sure. And archeologist are not really sure what the spheres symbolized. Of course they also have been the subject of some bizarre guesswork by popular authors.

Francisco Corrales, the Museo Nacional archaeologist who had a lead role in creating the museum, has said he believes that the spheres were status symbols placed near certain homes. He also credits the fabrication to the ancestors of the nativeĀ groups that live in the area now.

Some homes of the sphere culture have been excavated on the finca, and the foundations are part of a walking tour. There also is a sphere salvage yard were artifacts are placed that have been recovered from Central Valley homes.

Costa Rica still awaits the expected designation of the spheres as part of the world’s cultural heritage by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The museum continues the policy of charging tourists more. Costa Ricans and residents can visit for 1,000 colons, about $2. Tourists have to pay $6, although there is a cut rate for foreign students, said the museum.

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