Police cameras will monitor Festival de la Luz crowd

The crowd that watches the Festival de la Luz 2013 will be monitored by cameras along the route and from adjacent streets, said the municipality.

In addition, parade floats will be moving into position from their workshops starting at 9 a.m. tonight. This means that drivers may face some delays in the city. The lumbering floats are headed to the south side of Parque la Sabana where they will remain until parade time at 6 p.m Saturday.

The Policía Municipal de San José said that 12 cameras have been installed from the Gimnasio Nacional in Parque la Sabana to the Plaza de la Democracia, the end of the parade route.

Many agencies will be providing security at the parade where an estimated million persons attend each year. The Fuerza Pública, traffic police, the Cruz Roja, fire fighters and health inspectors have all announced plans to participate. Also there will be workers from the Patronato Nacional de la Infancia, the child welfare agency.

The police activity starts at 10 a.m. as officers seek to remove vehicles from the parade route, which is Paseo Colón and Avenida 2. The Policía de Tránsito said that parked cars will be towed to clear the streets.

The Cruz Roja said that 190 of its personnel and 20 ambulances will be standing by. Also available will be 12 strategically located first aid centers. Last year the Cruz Roja said it treated 106 persons of which 18 had to be hospitalized.

The extensive display of law enforcement usually means that there will be few crimes and rowdiness associated with the parade. Police officers will be especially on the lookout for alcohol or drugs. Each year a few arrests are made.

Officers and the Cruz Roja will be on duty until at least midnight as the crowd disperses. Naturally traffic will be affected and bus routes will be changed. So motorists will have a tough time trying to cross the capital starting about noon Saturday.

The weather is likely to be windy and chilly.

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