Police say they had a successful Festival de la Luz operation

The Festival de la Luz took place under tight security, but even 900 Fuerza Pública officers could not prevent all the lawlessness, particularly on side streets.

Young toughs engaged in street fights, and witnesses said that groups of kids would beat on cars and that combatant gangs and Goth were sparring as usual in small groups.  Marijuana smoke replaced the usual bus smog in the downtown, one said.

Still, Saturday had fewer confrontations than in previous years, pedestrians said. Police said that they checked out 77 persons and detained 64. But only four are going to court on charges. Two face allegations of robbery and two face allegations of threats and resisting authority.

Fuerza Pública officials said that there were no incidents involving firearms or drugs along the parade route this year.
In addition to police on the ground, there were two helicopters flying over the holiday crowd.

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