Serial rape suspect held after he shoots himself

Agents have detained a 35-year-old man who has been evading arrest on the Caribbean coast. The man’s flight ended when he accidentally shot himself in the left side with a homemade shotgun, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The man is sought for at least five allegations of forcible rape. Agents said that the man constantly was changing where he lived to avoid arrest and most recently was headed into the mountains.

The crimes of which he is accused took place in the province of Limón. He also faces an allegation of attempted rape and causing injury with a knife in Siquirres, agents said.

After he shot himself, the Cruz Roja responded and took him to Hospital Tony Facio in Limón, where he is under police custody.

Of the five cases, three involve adult women victims and two involve girls, one 12 and one 15, said agents. In some cases the women were confronted in an isolated area. Others were sexually assaulted when they were alone in their home, agents said.

In the Siquirres case, the woman attempted to relieve her assailant of his knife and suffered a cut hand. The attacker fled.

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