State insuror issues reminder on holiday help

The state insurance company said Friday that the holidays are the time when a lot of employers duck payment of obligatory insurance on their temporary employees.

The company, the Insituto Nacional de Seguros, offers a workman’s compensation policy called riesgos del trabajo.  The policy pays for work-related injuries.

The state company maintains its own hospital and recovery facilities for such injuries.

During November, December and the first part of January, the company noted, there are a lot of holiday jobs. These include temporary work in retail outlets and even work at the various fairs and festivals that are traditional.

This also is the beginning of the dry season when a homeowner may bring in persons to work on a roof or other parts of the dwelling that might be damaged by opening it to rain.

There are a lot of agricultural activities now, too.

Last year, the Instituto Nacional de Seguros said it handled 1,743 cases of employees working without the required insurance protection. The holidays seem to generate about 45 percent of such cases, it said.

As A.M. Costa Rica reported Sept. 2, hiring workers without the correct insurance can become a nightmare for an expat.

The national insurance institute is ready to sell the required policy, and it also is promoting its RT Hogar, which covers homeowners for domestic employees and for persons who do work at the residence up to three days a month.

The institute noted that this may cover gardeners or others involved in maintenance.

As Garland Baker reported in the Sept. 2 article far too many expats are playing with fire when managing their household staffs and contract workers trying to save money by not purchasing insurance.

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