Thousands of horses today will parade under sunny skies

Those watching or participating in the Tope Nacional in San José today better wear a hat.

The forecast is for more dry air and sunny skies. The temperature is expected to reach 28 degrees C. (about 82 F.) in the Central Valley and 30 degrees (about 84 F) on the coasts.

Consequently, all those riders with flushed faces today may not be that way from the ingesting of beer. The sun may play a role.

The tope or horse parade is supposed to begin at 11:30 p.m., but traffic will be detoured earlier than that. The event will last nearly to dusk. Spectators who stay that late should bring a jacket because the temperature is expected to nosedive.

Meanwhile, tourism may see a boost as Canada, the northern and Rockies in the United States and even northern México are experiencing a cold wave. Some of the United States and Canada are having below-freezing temperatures.

Colder weather is likely to reach Costa Rica in two days.

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