Tope horse parade again will start at Plaza González Víquez

Once again this year the  Tope Nacional begins at  Plaza González Víquez and heads north and then west on Avenida 2 and Paseo Colon, the Municipalidad de San José reported.

This is the celebration of the Día Nacional del Caballista. that takes place every year on the day after Christmas.

The Policía Municipal will have 40 officers on horseback to patrol the parade route. The Fuerza Pública mounted officers also will participate in crowd control. The event is supposed to start at 11 a.m.

The municipality noted that metal chairs are prohibited as are beach umbrellas and anything else that can cause injured if an accident happens. Plastic chairs are permitted.

The sale of alcohol also is prohibited on the public streets.

However, the Tope is known for is heavy beer consumption by riders and spectators alike.

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