Bulls sent 39 to hospital, Cruz Roja reports on Zapote

The Cruz Roja said that 39 bull baiters had to be hospitalized during the run of the fiesta de Zapote.

The emergency agency maintains a clinic adjacent to the bull ring where they who have been mauled by an animal can seek help. The agency said its medics treated 215 persons. The bull baiting was a twice-a-day event from Dec. 25 until Sunday. Many more had to be treated at the fiesta. The Cruz Roja reported 437 persons sought aid. But only 30 of these had to be hospitalized.

Over all the holiday events, including the Festival de la Luz, the Desamparados carnival and the Tope Nacional horse parade, the emergency agency treated 921 persons and sent 107 to the hospital.

The bull baiting involves individuals entering the ring with one of those powerful creatures. Participants tempt death because some of the horned bulls weigh in at 1,300 pounds. There were no deaths reported this year.

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