Colleagues and others to march to honor two slain youngsters

Friends and fellow students of two slain young musicians will honor them Sunday in a way that they would have approved.

Other young musicians and others connected with the government’s music program will march from Parque Central to the Centro Nacional de la Cultura giving concerts along the way.

The two young musicians, Valeria Cortés, 15, and her boyfriend,  Sebastián Condorí, 16, were shot to death in Paraíso de Cartago in what investigators are calling a botched robbery.

A suspect is in custody, and a prosecutor has asked a judge to order the man held for six months preventative detention while the investigation continues. The suspect, who surrendered himself, has the last name of Ramírez, said the Poder Judicial. He is an agricultural worker who lived not far from where the bodies of the couple were found in separate makeshift graves.

The Sistema Nacional de Educación Musical and the Centro Nacional de la Música will head up the Sunday march. Organizers said that the theme will be against violence.

Condorí played the flute and Miss Cortés played the violin in a youth orchestra associated with the music system. They also were students at the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Teachers as well as other workers in the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud will participate, said an announcement. The march is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

The murders have had a strong impact on the Costa Rican population. That may have been because the music system released a photo of the two together and because they are described as respectful and upright teens. The photo is HERE!

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