Cracker bandits take trucks, and four suspects detained

Some food stores can undercut their rivals because they are buying stolen property.

But they will not get their hands on 811 boxes of crackers that judicial investigators managed to locate .

The crackers are part of some 3,000 boxes that bandits stole Saturday night and early Sunday. Two men arrived at San Rafael de Alajuela property, pulled a gun on a guard and tied him up. Then they stole one tractor trailer loaded with a container holding about 1,500 boxes of crackers. Later they returned with the empty truck and took another with about the same size load, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Finally the guard managed to free himself and alert police.

Four men who are suspects of at least receiving stolen property were detained in Concepción de Atenas, after someone phoned in a tip to police.  That is how agents managed to recover 811 boxes.

Judicial police said they would love to receive a call from someone who knows where the location of the other boxes are.

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