Election or no election, Superbowl will be wet one in San José

Election day in Costa Rica and the U.S. football Superbowl always end up sharing the first Sunday in February.

For many years, election day was supposed to be dry in Costa Rica, something that runs counter to the concept of lounging in an easy chair watching the football championship with a can of beer in the hand.

Although that may have been acceptable in the home, football fans seek out bars where they also can find food, cheer and perhaps lay down a bet or two.

When Costa Rican legislators passed a new alcohol law, they put the decision on election day in the hands of the municipalities. They did the same thing with the period before Easter that was supposed to be dry, too.

Marcelo Solano Ortiz, director of the Policía Municipal of San José, said Wednesday that there definitely will not be a ley seca or dry law in the central canton for election day.

Since each canton can make its own decision, there may be some that opt for a dry election day. Montes de Oca has done so in the past. So expats bar owners need to check with their own local politicians before ordering in large quantities of Imperial for the Superbowl.

The Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones frequently orders a halt to alcohol sales in areas where political demonstrations will be held. That may still take place, but the ban is only a few hours.

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