Employers warned not to influence electoral choice of workers

Employers may be tempted to encourage their workers to vote for a free market presidential candidate.

That is a no no, said the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones Monday. The Tribunal said that the Código de Trabajo forbids employers from influencing the electoral choices of workers, it noted.

The statement was prompted, perhaps, by the good showing of Frente Amplio candidate José María Villata Florez-Estrada in the opinion polls.

He has much of the commercial establishment seeking an alternative candidate. Some are promoting the Movimiento Libertario candidate Otto Guevara Guth. Others say they prefer Rudolfo Piza de Rocafort of the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana. And, of course, others are backing Johnny Araya Monge of Partido Liberación Nacional.

Villalta has called for an increase in the minimum wages set by the government, a renegotiation of the free trade treaty with the United States and higher taxes.

He also has supported price controls during his term at the legislature. Opponents paint him as a Communist.

The officials at the Tribunal also may be remembering the 2007 referendum for the free trade treaty when employers threatened workers with loss of jobs if the pact was not approved. Some companies also provided transportation to the polls. The treaty was narrowly ratified.

Now the Tribunal said that any workers who feel they have been pressured by an employer can file a complaint.

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