Judicial agents say suspect pretended to be medical doctor

A man facing at least one previous allegation of fraud is now facing a claim that he pretended to be a physician and took 2 million colons or about $4,000 from a woman sick with cancer,

Judicial police raided the mans supposed medical office early Thursday and took him into custody. They are seeking information from anyone else who may have been treated by the man, who was identified by the Poder Judicial by the last name of Campos Fallas.

The man’s office contained a document claiming that he was a member of the Colegio de Médicos de Costa Rica, the professional organization for physicians. But judicial police said that the organization denied he was a member.

The search of his office also produced a jacket with the insignias of a traffic policeman, they said.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the woman patient suffers from cancer of the thyroid. The suspect has been treating her at her home and elsewhere. There was one meeting in the parking lot of a private clinic, agents said.

The man was in the judicial lockup overnight in anticipation of questioning by prosecutors today.

The woman eventually had a needed operation at a public hospital, said agents.  The suspect is facing an allegation that he took the money to do an operation but never did.

The Poder Judicial said that the suspect is facing a previous allegation of illegal practice of a profession.

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