Make tourism a priority, chamber tells candidates

Officials from the tourism sector are urging the presidential candidates to make a stronger, well-regulated investment into the industry. As a consistent job creator and in attracting loads of foreign currency, leaders of the Cámara Nacional de Turismo are looking for more involvement from the winner of Sunday’s election.

Isabel Vargas, president of the Cámara, said the next president’s policy plans should include a clear future for the nation’s tourism economy. “The tourism industry should be a key piece of the agenda, being a priority for national development with clear guidelines that articulate public and private actions,” she said.

The chamber’s plan for the next decade, called “Vision for tourism in 2023,” promises that tourism will continue to be a leader in revenue, a protector of communities, and a contributor to businesses throughout Costa Rica.

Regional leaders for the Cámara have also said that further development of government projects is most efficiently done when it collaborates with the industry’s plans, as both sides would like to remain true to the 100 percent sustainability campaign on which the country has prided itself.

Cámara representatives also hinted at a desire to be appointed to the Ministerio de Turismo and the Junta Directiva del Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, claiming that these positions are meant for those who have long experience as professionals in the industry.

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