Many options exist for trimming that extra weight

The typical New Year’s resolution is to lose weight this year.

That usually is the personal promise while fighting the New Year’s Eve hangover or the caloric overload from the rich dinner.

One expat promised in jest Wednesday night not to eat anything until 2015 because of the weight gain over Christmas.

Expats here have a number of ways to help them with their promise. LA Weight Loss hassix centers in the metro area.  It is among the commercial enterprises targeting that market. There also are many gyms, some with diet help, and medically based outlets like the antiAging and Wellness Center in Escazú that provides other services.

The venerable Weight Watchers does not have a strong presence in Costa Rica, but it does reach individuals here through a Web site that it calls a community. Joining for a fee gives members access to the site, plus computer applications and weight-loss tools.

Weight watcher and similar programs have come under pressure from free online services that help dieters count calories. Some, likeMy Fitness Pal, have substantial followings in Costa Rica and maintain a multilingual Web site. More than 80 percent of the people who track their eating and exercise for seven days lose weight, My Fitness Pal says.

There also is weight loss tourism.

Jump Start Weight Loss & Wellness of Highmount, New York, reports online that it operates a center in Playa Carrillo, Guanacaste.  Jump Start clients average an astounding one-half to one and a half pounds of fat loss per day in the first week, the company says.

The firm also runs other health programs here and in other locations.

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