Only one strong earthquake registered last year in nation

Earthquake experts registered 282 events in 2013, but only one was categorized as strong, and that may have been a fluke.

The Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica at the Universidad de Costa Rica said that the more significant quake happened June 15 off the coast of Nicaragua. That had a magnitude of 6.5, but it was only felt weakly in Guanacaste because of the distance.

There were 68 quakes in Costa Rica with a magnitude of from 4 to 5.0 and eight greater than 5.0, the monitoring agency said.

A quake in Panamá May 27 had a magnitude of 5.7. The location in Bocas del Toro is just south of Costa Rica.

The quake that registered the strongest in 2013 was one in Cartago that had a magnitude of 4.0. The Laboratorio said that the high reading may have been because the epicenter was very near the station holding the sensor.

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