Police will be showing their names on their new uniforms

Police are getting new uniforms, and each now will have a last name sewed on the uniform blouse so that citizens and residents can quickly identify with whom they are dealing. This has not always been the case.

The Dirección General de la Fuerza Pública said that it purchased more than 12,000 uniforms and will be delivering 4,500 to officers in the next few days. They look the same as the ones worn now, but officials say that these are waterproof and designed to provide more ventilation to officers through a breathable fabric. The cost was $1.3 million or some 649 million colons.

Juan José Andrade Morales, the director general, also said that the design is unique to avoid being copied by crooks. However, the difference is not apparent in photos supplied by the agency.

There have been a series of crimes in which crooks dressed in police uniforms had the advantage to invade homes or hijack trucks.

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