Rey Curré hosting diablitos again this week for festival

The confrontation between the natives and the Spanish invaders will be played out once again in Rey Curré in southwestern Costa Rica starting Thursday.

This is the Juego de los Diablitos that the Boruca residents consider their most important festival. There are similar festivals, but Rey Curré is right on the Interamerican Sur with good access.

The pageant features costumed devils or diablitosrepresenting the natives. The toro or bull represents the Spanish. The pageant is based on native legends and designed to preserve the culture and dignity. But there also is large quantities of chicha de maiz, which is a fermented corn drink, as well as all types of food.

The festival lasts through Sunday with the modern residents of Rey Curré well aware of the touristic value of the event.

The culture ministry, which is supporting the festival, has set up a map on its Web page.

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