Tax on luxury homes brings in $11 million, tax agency says

Owners of some 3,785 properties have paid their luxury home tax, the Dirección General de Tributación said Thursday. Some 5.5 billion colons have been collected, said the agency.

The amount is about $11 million. The deadline was Jan. 15, and those who pay late face a fine of 199.700 colons, a little more than $400.

The tax this year is on homes and land that are estimated to be valued at 121 million colons or more. That is about $244,000. The tax is on a sliding scale with owners of more expensive properties paying a higher percentage.

The money is supposed to go toward building housing for the poor. Also this week La Nación revealed a scandal in which individuals in the nation’s housing authority seem to have awarded homes to relatives who are not poor.

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