Teatro Nacional ceiling gets international recognition

The ceiling of the Teatro Nacional has made a short list of 10 best published by USA Today, the U.S. national newspaper.

The ceiling shares the honor with the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, the one at the Library of Congress and the elaborate and restored ceiling at the Church on the Place of the Spilt Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The article was written by staffer Larry Bleiberg with information supplied by Jennifer Tombaugh, president of a New York travel agency.

USA Today has a number of 10 best articles including “10 great places to ride a carousel” and “10 great places that showcase the best in bacon.”

Still, the distinction was enough for the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo to send out a bulletin along with a photo of the Teatro Nacional ceiling.

As Ms. Tombaugh notes in the article:

“This lavish theater was one of the first buildings in Central America with electric lighting, but it’s most famous for its ceiling murals. One, a tribute to the country’s coffee and banana crops, is notable for technical errors. Painted by an Italian master who hadn’t visited, it shows coffee growing at sea level (it’s normally cultivated in the mountains). And the bananas? They’re upside down.”

The ceiling also is featured on the old Costa Rican five-colon note. Street vendors outside the theater seem to have an unlimited supply of the obsolete banknotes.

The Sistine Chapel art is the work of Michelangelo. The St. Petersburg church is built on the spot where an assassin fatally wounded Czar Alexander II in 1881. Only after the fall of the Soviet state was the building restored to its former glory.

Other favorites include the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and the Chicago Cultural Center with its glass dome.

The full story is HERE!

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