Temperature remains moderate, but wind warning continues

There has been no major change in temperature by early today due to an expected cold front.

The forecast from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional spoke of temperatures as low as 11 degrees C (about 52 F). But Central Valley temperatures continued to range from 18 to 20 ( 64 to 68 degrees F.) at 1:30 a.m. For a chill residents would have to go near the top of the Turriabla or Irazú volcanoes where the temperature was 7 C, according to the automatic stations there. That’s about 45 degrees F.

The biggest danger, according to the forecast, will be the high winds, expected to range up to 100 kph (62 mph) in the Central Valley and on the Pacific coast.

Caribbean residents and those in the northern zone are facing the chance of rain of up to two inches over 24 hours. The weather service issued a cautionary warning mostly for those in the Sarapiquí basin.

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