Two home invasion suspects caught after Moravia robbery

A pair of suspected home invaders in Moravia were caught by the Fuerza Pública while fleeing from a burglarized house early Wednesday morning.

The two detainees are known criminals in the area, according to Moravia regional chief Carlos León Retana, and one was arrested just two days before for illegal possession of weapons. “It seems the men entered a house armed and in a violent manner, where they gagged and intimidated the homeowner to rob him of his cell phones, watches, and jewelry,” Retana said.

After responding to a call from the homeowner, officers found the suspects less than a mile from the house. Police confiscated two .380 caliber guns from the men and were also able to recover all the stolen materials, they said.

Retana said this illustrates an important lesson for any future victims of assault or theft: They should alert police as soon as they can to allow officers to immediately respond with any necessary action.

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