Weather agency warns of approaching cold front and high winds

A cold front is expected to sweep into the country tonight and early Thursday, and average temperatures are expected to dip about two to three degrees C.

That is not a big deal, but the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the front will be accompanied by high winds, perhaps as much as 60 to 80 kph or about 37 to 50 mph. The weather agency warned of falling limbs and other objects.

It also issued a warning for light planes that might be affected by gusts. Rain up to two inches also is expected along the Caribbean coast and the northern zone with some rain perhaps entering the Central Valley, the forecast said.

Overnight temperatures in the Central Valley have been around 16 to 17 degrees C. that is in the low 60s F.

A three-degree drop might bring the temperature to 13 C or about 55 degrees F.

These cooler conditions are expected to last through Saturday, the institute said.

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