Agents seeking motive in murder of U.S. expat in San Ramón

Investigators are seeking a motive other than robbery for the killing of a U.S. expat Sunday night in San Isidro de Peñas Blancas de San Ramón.

The man, identified as Kurt Hergis, was ambushed by his killers between 7:30 and 8 p.m. They placed a vehicle that blocked the road under a bridge. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that when the man got out of his own car perhaps to offer aid, he was set upon by his killers.

Men jumped from the car and surrounded him. They took the victim to the banks of a river located 25 meters from the parked car, said agents. There they stabbed him twice, once on the head and once on the throat. The killers fled the scene, and the female was able to escape without any harm.

There were other witnesses that police interviewed.

In the car with Hergis was a woman agents identified as a girl friend. She was reported to be unharmed.

Unofficial sources said that the man was carrying as much as $4,000 in colons, and that was not taken. He lived in Barrio Los Angeles near La Fortuna.

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