Another reason why online banking is best

Not only is Internet banking easier, but handling money in the safety of the home keeps bandits away.

That was not the case Sunday when an 83-year-old Cartago landlord traveled to Tíbás to collect rents. The Fuerza Pública identified him by the last name of  Solano.

He was confronted by three bandits near the Parque de San Juan de Tibás. They fled after threatening him with a gun and taking his money.

Police received the alarm, and officers in one patrol car found a suspect near a popular fast food restaurant. Other officers set up a checkpoint to the entry of  León XIII where they were able to intercept a vehicle matching the description of that belonging to the bandits. They detained two men and confiscated evidence including bullets.

The loss to the landlord was said to be in the millions of colons.

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