Central bank wants to show how to really make money

The Museos del Banco Central wants to show the world how to make money.

The museums mean how to really make it from start to finish.  The newest exhibit at the museums is a detailed explanation on how the new family of currency was created.

The bills have been in circulation for three years. The museums are operated by the Banco Central de Costa Rica, which really is in the business of making money. It ordered the bills to be printed.

The exhibition, which is scheduled to be on display all year, highlights the source and designs for each note.

Each of the individuals depicted on the bills are famous Costa Ricans, but the bills also feature wildlife.

“This exhibit shows how the concept and design of a new family of banknotes is achieved, based on determining and selecting its new denominations, designs, motifs and security measures,” said Manuel Chacón, numismatics curator, on the bank Web site. “It is the second time in Costa Rican history that a family of banknotes is issued, the last one in 1964. This new family was issued in 2009 to substitute, or rather, eliminate the previous banknotes . . . .”

This exhibit marks the first time visitors can get a first-hand impression of each banknote, as well as the original drawings by illustrator Fernando Zeledón, the pre-Columbian seals that served as reference for the security band designs and the banknotes they replace, said the museums. Electronic devices will also show images of the original illustrations and videos detailing the features of these notes, it added. The ceramic seals date from 100 to 800 A.D.

The new bills are considered to be more secure than the older banknotes. That is one reason they were issued. Each is a slightly different size so that persons who cannot see can determine the value of a bill.

The numismatics museum also contains permanent exhibits of Costa Rican coinage and money from elsewhere in the world. There are other museums in the facility under the Plaza de la Cultura, which is why the title is plural.

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