Costa Rica will file another case at The Hague

Costa Rica will go again today to the International Court of Justice to file a complaint against Nicaragua. This time the country says its northern neighbor is encroaching on its territory and offering the maritime tracts for petroleum exploration.

The problem has been known for a long time and involves territory in both the Caribbean and the Pacific.

What has prompted bringing the case to the court in The Hague is that Nicaragua seems unwilling to negotiate the issue and has announced that it would purchase warships to enforce its maritime claims, said officials here.

President Laura Chinchilla was scheduled to give a televised speech Monday night outlining the country’s position.

The complaint was supposed to be filed with the court today by Ambassador Jorge Urbina and the country’s lawyer, Sergio Ugalde. Costa Rica already is in the court with a claim stemming from Nicaragua’s invasion of a plot of land in extreme northeast Costa Rica. That took place in 2009. The court has yet to issue a final decision in that case, and Nicaragua has filed a counterclaim.

The central government said that the issue of the maritime borders have been under discussion since 2002 when Nicaragua published a map that was part of an offer for petroleum exploration.

The government said it wants the court to establish clear national borders in the oceans.

Managua also has been involved in a case at The Hague involving territorial claims by Colombia based on islands the South American country owns off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

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