Country charts its route steps to Pacific alliance

The country is charting the way it must take to become a member of the Pacific Alliance. This is a goal of the Laura Chinchilla administration, and the president signed off on documents Thursday that will provide a roadmap of sorts for entry into the alliance.

The president will travel to Cartagena, Colombia, for a meeting of the alliance Monday. Full and founding members are Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Perú. Costa Rica has been in observer status since 2012.

The country’s integration into the organization depends on the opinions of whoever is elected president April 6. Luís Guillermo Solís, one of two candidates in the runoff, opposed the free trade treaty with the United States and the Caribbean.

The alliance is much more than a trade agreement, because Costa Rica already has this type of pact with México, Chile and Perú. An agreement with Colombia is awaiting legislative approval.

The alliance wants to have visa-free travel among members, a common exchange for stocks and other joint operations that may not find agreement by all Costa Ricans.

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