Early morning gulf capture yields fastboat and 960 kilos

Anti-drug agents and the coast guard captured a haul of 960 kilos of cocaine early Wednesday when they boarded a fastboat in the Golfo Dulce off Golfito, the security ministry said.

The case was important enough for a morning press conference to announce the capture. As officials were talking the amount of cocaine increased as large packages were opened and the contents weighed. 

The Policía de Control de Drogas apparently was working on a tip with the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas. The cocaine came from another boat on the high seas, they said. The fastboat with two 175-horsepower outboard engines carried 46 bags with 20 smaller packages in each. The three individuals in the boat are Costa Ricans who did not have any police record, officials said.

The boat that was confiscated was licensed at Playas del Coco further up the Pacific coast, the security ministry officials said. The agents theorize that the cocaine was supposed to be brought to land and then sent north in some other way, perhaps by truck.

The southwest coast of the country has many inlets and creeks where drug boats can hide out. It is an area where smugglers frequently offload their shipments.

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