El Salvador counting ballots, but a runoff there likely, too

No candidate obtained 50 percent of the presidential vote in El Salvador Sunday, so a runoff is likely.

Former left-wing guerrilla commander Salvador Sánchez Cerén took a strong early lead Sunday and managed to obtain 48.92 percent of the total vote, according to the nation’s election tribunal. That total was with 99.15 per cent of the country’s 10,455 polling places counted. He is running on the ticket of the Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional.

Right-leaning former San Salvador mayor Norman Quijano had 38.95 percent. If there is no clear winner after a recount, the two leading candidates will go to a run-off on March 9. The former mayor is with the Partido Alianza Republicana Nacionalista Quijano is considered a conservative rival who wants to send the army in to fight powerful street gangs,

Sánchez Cerén is the country’s current vice president under President Mauricio Funes.

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