Firm to sell Costa Rica water in post-paid bottles

Anybody who has walked the Costa Rican beaches knows about plastic bottles. They are everywhere. Volunteers repeatedly pick up hundreds of pounds of plastic during periodic beach cleanups.

A company that has ties to Costa Rica plans to launch a campaign today in the United States with a bottle made of plant material that has a post-paid return envelope attached.

Once the bottle is empty, “you smash the bottle to flatten it, peel back the label to reveal the U.S. postage paid sticker and drop it in a mail box,” said the company.

Carlton Solle, the company founder, said on a Web site that he became aware of the plastic bottle problem while walking on a beach here with his daughter. He is married to a Costa Rican.

The company is hitting about every green button possible. An announcement said:

For each bottle sold up to 100 million, the company will plant a tree.

The bottle itself has the cross section of a leaf.

The water comes from a spring in Parque Nacional Braulio Carillo north of San José.

The cap is being patented, too, because it will carry seeds so that by planting the cap, a tree will grow.

The bottle material is toxin free, plant-based materials, is 100 percent sustainable, certified free of genetically modified products and biodegradable.

A spokesman for the firm declined to say how the bottle is made because the design and construction is a proprietary secret.

The company is not coincidentally called Treeson, and its slogan is  “The Bottled Water from Costa Rica That Can Help Save the World.”

Said the spokesman: “Eco-friendly, socially responsible, sustainable, clean and green! It’s a Win/Win scenario for every organism on the planet. And it starts and ends here in Costa Rica. Refresh, return, renew, recharge.”

The kickoff today is for a site where the firm hopes to raise $95,000 in capital to begin production. The firm has an elaborate description of its goals on the site.

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