Five detained in suspected case of faking property documents

Investigators broke up a real estate closing Monday and detained five men on suspicion that they were involved in a property fraud. The arrests took place at a lawyer’s office in Guadalupe.

Agents described an elaborate effort in which a lot was secretly segregated from a larger piece of land and the appropriate maps and documents were prepared. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the lot was put up for sale and that at the closing agents confiscated two checks of $25,000 each.

The unusual aspect is that agents were able to move in at theclosing. They said they received a tip last week and managed to contact the real owner of the property who said that his land was not for sale.

One of the suspects is 82, and the others range from 35 to 52, said the agency.

The land involved is in Tres Ríos in Cartago province.

No names were given by the agency, but the speed with which agents acted also is unusual.

Typically property fraud cases have low priority and there are thousands of them under investigation.

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