Heredia educational facility now offers technical courses

Applications from prospective students are piling up for the country’s first private technological school. Centro Educativo Nueva Esperanza in San Juan de Santa Bárbara in Heredia will soon begin its first year of offering courses and the program consists of 105 students and 17 teachers.

The School administration said high priority will be placed on preparing its students for the competitive job market. General director Jeanette Cortés García said that a Nueva Esperanza education should allow graduates to fluidly transition to a highly-skilled labor position.

“We are the first private school to offer a technical discipline in the education system of Costa Rica with the objective of preparing successful youth with values, skills, knowledge, and ability,” Ms. Cortés said. “We are motivated in having our students achieve effective job placement and with a strong desire to have them obtain professional career success or be managers of their own businesses.”

Those wanting to apply must have already passed their ninth year. Students will be able to graduate with two degrees: bachelor’s of secondary education and bachelor’s of technical studies. These studies can include focuses of accounting, computer science in software development and telecommunications electronics.

Keilor Rojas, the vice minister of the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología said the school provides a crucial opportunity for the economy’s most valuable assets: its workers.

“Congratulations to all of those apart of this pioneering team that usher in a new type of education today,” said  Rojas. “We have always aspired to have more technically trained workers, and we have positioned our principal resource within all of you and your capabilities.”

As part of their schooling, the students will go through more than just workshops and seminars. Major emphasis is placed on bilingual ability and core values that involve leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. All of these are stated with the ultimate purpose of securing a job and succeeding in the workplace. The school’s allure represents an increase of Costa Rican youth who are looking for high-ranking jobs right out of high school.

The institute has offered schooling for students in preschool, primary, and secondary school since 1993.

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